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190 Repeater Status

There was some confusion on the current settings on the 190 repeater, so I wanted to clarify how it is set up currently.

The 145.190 repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X System Fusion repeater, and is currently set to AUTO on both the RX and TX sides. This means that it will accept both C4FM and analog FM and will re-transmit in the same mode it receives. The 190 is not Internet-connected at this time, so all transmissions are local.

If you have a Fusion capable radio, you have a few options: you can use any of the C4FM digital modes including Normal (voice+data), VW (voice wide), or Data only, or of course you can use analog FM as well.

Non-fusion users will hear digital noise if they are listening to the 190, however I have turned on the 91.5Hz tone on both input and output, which will enable you to set Tone Squelch on the receive of your radio to block out digital signals if you don’t want to hear it. If you are using RX Tone SQL, please open your squelch to check if a digital transmission is occurring before transmitting to that repeater.

The best way for both digital and analog users to co-exist on the repeater is for Fusion users to set their radios to Auto Mode Select (AMS) – the way to do this varies by radio, but I know on my HT it is indicated by a bar next to the mode display. What this does is automatically switch your radio to TX in the same mode received – so if you are having a conversation using a digital mode, and an analog user breaks in, your radio will switch over to analog automatically to accommodate everybody.

Let me or the tech committee (KE0BKM) know if you have any questions about the repeater, or setting up your radio, or experience any problems.

~Jason (K0JAA)