Club Repeaters

The club maintains an open two-meter repeater on 147.210(+) MHz with a PL of 91.5. The repeater is located in Joplin, Missouri and IDs with the club callsign WØIN.

A second open two-meter repeater is on 145.190(-) MHz with a PL of 91.5 Hz. This repeater is being relocated to Carthage in 2023.

The club also maintains an APRS digipeater with gateway with SSID “JOPLIN” sharing the antenna with the 210, on the standard 144.390 MHz APRS frequency. The digi adheres to the new WIDEn-n paradigm, limiting to WIDE2 and also responds to MO2. 

Click to access the JARC W0IN Repeater Guidelines and Rules of Conduct.

The current schedule of nets on the WØIN repeater is as follows:

  • Every Monday – 19:30 local time – 147.210 repeater – JARC Monday Night Net

The club’s Net Coordinator is Willis Stricklin – KØSMK.  All club members are encouraged to participate as Net Control operator of our Monday Night net – give it a try, it’s fun and good experience!  Contact Willis for more information.

A net script is available if you’d like to use it.  It isn’t required to use this one, but it’s nice to follow if you haven’t run a net before: JARC NET Script.

All hams are invited to check into the net which provides a venue for discussion and trading equipment. Any changes to club meeting locations and events are announced as well.

See the calendar below for upcoming nets and events:

[calendar id=”670″]

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