February 2015 Program Meeting

ares-sJasper Co ARES leadership made a presentation to the club at the Program Meeting on Feb 24th, covering the basics of ARES, such as the organizational structure, what they do, how to get involved, and the SMLRS repeater network.

The presentation that was given can be viewed online here: ARRL – ARES Presentation.

An announcement was also made that the final day to order vests is March 4. If you want the name and call sign embroidered, it is $32.00. Not embroidered $29.00. Vests only $17.00. Please get your money to Tom Zeller by the meeting on Tuesday, March 3 if you would like to order a vest.

Thanks to Andy, KAØTUD, and the rest of the ARES leadership on a very informative presentation!