147.210 Repeater Moving / Downtime

The 147.210 W0IN repeater will be shut down this Saturday, January 12 so the equipment can be removed from the current site. The JOPLIN APRS Digipeater will also be off the air as it is located at the same site on the same antenna. We anticipate it being off the air for 2-4 weeks as we prepare the new site for it to be installed. The new location will be SW of Joplin and will also be the location of our new DMR UHF repeater. The length of the downtime is due to being able to coordinate installation of both repeaters and antennas and availability of tower climbers.

This new site will be a more economical choice for us and the cost of relocation will quickly pay for itself with lower annual cost.

While the 147.210 if off the air, there are several alternatives in the area: 

  • For SkyWarn – the 145.350(-) 91.5 PL N0NWS repeater can be linked to the regional SkyWarn system.
  • The 145.190(-) 91.5 PL W0IN repeater is a Joplin repeater with local coverage located at Mercy.
  • The 145.390(-) 91.5 PL KM0HP repeater is part of the SMLRS wide coverage linked system.
  • The 147.000(+) no tone WB0IYC repeater is Jim Scott’s personal repeater located in downtown Joplin with local coverage.
  • For APRS, I will keep my K0JAA digipeater on the air from my house, although coverage is very limited. I’ll point my antenna to cover Joplin if possible. It’s main function was to gate packets from JOPLIN to the internet, so it was pointed directly at the tower.

Please respect the repeater owners’ rules and other users as you move your QSOs and Nets to other systems until the 210 is back on the air. There will be an announcement here when services resume. Thanks!