March Project – Tape Measure Yagi #project

The project meeting next week (Mar 27 at 7p) will be construction of a very portable, collapsible 2m beam antenna using PVC and measuring tape, by Roger Kidd. The club should have enough parts for at least 20 people to construct antennas, including coax, and we will have tools and soldering guns available. These directional antennas will come in handy later this year when we do fox hunts!

The antennas will be built without connectors on the coax – that way you can install the type of end you prefer, such as BNC or PL-259. Of course, if you need help installing that, we will gladly assist you, and the club store does have some PL-259’s for members to purchase.

The club is providing materials for members to build the antennas, while non-members may also participate by purchasing a kit for $9. You can pay via cash or check at the meeting, or via paypal to any time (just put a comment including your callsign and that it’s for the tape measure yagi.)