WFD 2017 Details

Here is an update from Matt regarding WFD operations:

Winter Field Day will soon be upon us!  To make this a great event we need your participation. Come out for a few minutes or come out for the full 24 hours.
We’ll start setup at 9:00AM on Saturday 28 January 2017 at the Sarcoxie High School Football field.  This is a great opportunity.  Thanks to Scott W7NYD and the Sarcoxie community for the use of their facilities.  We will have access to heated concession stand and bathroom facilities there.  Note that all operations will be conducted outside.  We’ll be operating 2 stations.  Want to work some CW?  Please do!  Bring your key.  Want to work some digital?  Please do!  Bring whatever additional gear you need.  We’ll provide the radio.
Operation will be 24 hours continuous from 1300 on 28 January to 1300 on 29 January.
Additional information can be found at the following website. Please review the rules and print yourself some logging sheets just in case.  Note that we are planning on computer logging but always be prepared.  Right?
To pull this off the club needs your help. 
Please let me know if you’re willing to sign up for one of the following tasks/needs.
Pop up tent with sides – Would be great to have two.  David Surgi is brining one.  Anyone else have one that they would be willing to bring out to the site for us to use for the weekend?
Tables – We need for of the folding tables like we commonly use at field day during the summer.
Generator and radios – we need someone to get with John Fredricks and Jason Arends to retrieve the club radios and generators and deliver them to the site.
Antennas – Have a great antenna that allows you to hear a gnat fart in New York City?  Can you bring it out?  (We will have various dipoles on had for use but if you have something you want to try out or show off bring it out!  We will launch it!)
Seating – Bring your own chairs
Headphones – We need at least four sets and some splitters for loggers and operators.  Any volunteers?  Bring your favorite set if you want to use them while operating or logging.
3 proper temporary ground rods – anyone have these?
Cooks – Any grill masters out there?  Would be great to have someone to assist with manning the grill for supper Saturday and Breakfast Sunday.
Water – would be great if someone would be willing to pick up a case of bottle water and bring it out.  I’ll get you reimbursed for the cost.
Food – I’ll bring out the food.  Any special requests for Saturday supper or Sunday breakfast?
Dress appropriately for the weather and be prepared for rapid changes in the weather.  Could be short sleeves or parkas and mittens.  You never know around here.
Logging:  Anyone out there good with software and networking?  Can you get the logging computers and a router together and set things up for us?  Please let me know.  The logging software we use for ARRL field day also has a version specifically designed for winter field day.  Not sure if we purchased rights to this part of the software or not. Can you look into this for us?
Satellite operations – Really need someone to provide proper gear and work some sats for us.  Huge bonus for working sats.  If you enjoy this please consider bringing out your gear.  Get us those huge bonus points and show the rest of us what it’s all about.
Everything else – Bring whatever you would bring for field operations operating by yourself.  Show of your gear!  Share your gear if we need it.  Bring your relics and junk if you like.  We could make a tailgate sale out of this to boot  if people want to.
Planning:  This is just the start.  I need your help to make sure this is a great Winter Field Day.  Assistance with planning and thinking of all the particulars we need to deal with in the next 2 weeks is greatly appreciated.
Matt Bernhagen